Winegazer is a California-based blog that reviews popular wine brands and offers advice on food-pairing and wine tasting.

It is a regular web-series that has a huge following in its locality; Napa Valley, California.


To get visible for popular wine brand searches.


Our strategy involved utilizing long-tail keywords to target specific brand searches. We have done an SEO campaign coupled with search engine marketing to promote the site and establish a user-base.


We've increased the traffic by 161% in 2 months which have generated advertising space sales. We have also done an Advertising campaign that generated a CPC of 6%. Overall, the Return on Investment was 189%.

From The Client

“These guys did well in working on our website. They have always been transparent about whatever they were doing. Overall, the money I spent for digital marketing was worth it, considering the amount of returns that we have received.”

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