Digital Marketing in the Philippines is growing popular over the last few years. While it is no surprise that the country will eventually adapt to the technology, it grew at an exponential rate over the last 3 years.

Here are some reasons why Digital Marketing is a fast-growing industry in the Philippines:

1. Filipinos are much more acquainted with technology

Compared to other Asian countries, Filipinos are very acquainted with technology. Ever since the early 2000s, the country has contributed to over 60% of the world’s sent SMS messages. The Filipino population in general love their mobile phones, which makes it a viable target to market products digitally.

2.  Internet has become cheaper than it was years ago

Filipinos used to pay around $50 a month for a decent 2 mbps connection. Although it isn’t really much cheaper today, internet costs have been reduced to around 50% of what you would pay years ago. Most homes are now getting internet connections setup, and it is expected that by 2018, almost 60% of homes are connected to the internet.

3.  International digital marketing agencies found their home in the Philippines

With less-expensive labor costs and a low cost of living, international digital marketing firms have found their home in the Philippines. If you come to think of it, spending around 20% of what you would spend in the US is a wise choice for businessmen. There is no problem with the pool of talents as well; Filipinos are generally smart and can speak/write English very well.

4. A major chunk of South East Asia’s traffic comes from the Philippines

As of 2015, there are 44.2 million internet users in the country. It is only normal for digital influencers to tap into traffic this large. Although the traffic comes mostly from social media, we can see how the Filipinos have well adapted to online marketing that you’ll see online shops popping almost every day.

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