(Last Updated September 26, 2016) It’s been over a year since I have written something new. I have been busy recovering from a serious injury for the past year and I temporarily took a break from work and writing. Now that I am back, I looked around my old posts and thought that instead of… continue reading.

A Notice to Link Builders I might raise a few eyebrows with this post, but I am just being honest. This post is a message to allegedly “white-hat” SEO companies that still do SEO like it’s 2005. I don’t hate link builders, as a matter of fact, I love you all! Now, let’s proceed. Google’s… continue reading.

Since I began my fitness journey, a lot of people are asking about my profession. While it is very hard to explain it in layman terms, a few people understand the work that I do, but most people don’t. And since I am now a fitgeek, I decided to write this post explaining how to do SEO… continue reading.

A lot of people are asking, “Why is my competitor always ahead of me?”As time goes on and search engine algorithms change, you might be a bit puzzled on why sites that were previously number 1 is still at the top for all these years, while you were far behind all the time. Yes, they came… continue reading.

It has been a while since I last posted an article. I have been a little busy with a huge load of work commitments and business engagements. Since today is my birthday and I have some spare time to write something, I decided to write about something that I have been planning to publish for… continue reading.

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