About Us

A Digital Marketing Agency in the Philippines

Upranx Digital Marketing (formerly Search Engine Primacy) is a digital agency from the Philippines that was established in May 11, 2010 as an SEO company, overtime, we have continually developed our services and decided to change the business’ name, TWICE. The company was renamed as Eximius Digital in 2014, and now as Upranx. We might have undergone a lot of renovations over the past few years, but our goal of bringing cost-effective digital marketing to the world never changed.

We Care For Our Clients

We treat every client with the utmost care. Every campaign is executed as if we are working on our own website. We are transparent with our clients, and we can guarantee that our work is 100% white hat and ethical. We will never do anything to put our clients’ websites, or image in danger.

Our Vision

Upranx Digital Marketing aims to provide digital marketing services for business of all types, whether you are a small brick and mortar shop or a big corporation that house hundreds of thousands of employees.

Our Mission

We aim to bring even the smallest of businesses into the webspace.

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More than 200 clients have passed and our company continued to grow from a small-town SEO agency into a full-scale digital marketing company. We are proud to have shared our skills to these clients, and are looking to do the same for you. Contact us today for a free quote!

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